TileMeDo - A Freeware Commdore 64 Oriented 4x4 Tile Map Editor for Windows by Phil / Retroleum.

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Changes in V1.10: 


This util allows game maps to be created on the PC for use in C64 programs.. The features/main differences between this and similar tools are:

  1. You can load in an image drawn on a standard PC paint package (with some special design considerations) and it will create a map based on an optimized character and tile set.

  2. This util works from editing the character set upwards: IE: You take a character set, build your tiles and then build a map with the tiles. (An alternative program like Charpad works primarily around drawing tiles within the program  - the character set is then generated from them.)

  3. Tilemdo is orientated around the C64's character map mode (hi-res only or hi-res & multicolour) and the colour attribute system is fixed at 1 byte per charset character.

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Format of .tmd project file:

4   bytes - Length of file
1   byte  - Mode: 0 = Mixed, 1 = Hi-res chars only
1   byte  - Background colour
1   byte  - Multicolour 0 (0-15)
1   byte  - Multicolour 1 (0-15)
1   word  - number of characters
x   bytes - character data (8 bytes per character)
x/8 bytes - colour data (1 byte per character)
1   byte  - tile width
1   byte  - tile height
1   word  - number of tiles
y   bytes - tile data (Number of tiles x Tile width x Tile height) bytes
1   word  - map width
1   word  - map height
z   bytes - map data (1 byte per map location)
z   bytes  - trigger map data (1 byte per map location) - ONLY INCLUDED IF THE TRIGGER MAP IS ENABLED