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    Here’s a few games that I have written over the years…  They’re all free downloads, naturally :)

    2012 –  Bouncing Bomb: Redux (48K ZX Spectrum)

    Click to download (.sna .tap and .tzx versions)

    Bouncing Bomb: Redux is a recent remake of my first ever attempt at a machine code game which I originally made in back in 1986. (If you like finding secrets etc, there’s quite a few hidden away in this…  :)


    2000 – Giddy 3 (Originally PC DOS, Now: Various Platforms)

    Click For The Giddy3 Download Page

    Giddy3 is the second sequel to the Dizzy parody game ‘Wibble World Giddy’ I did back in the early Nineties. It’s a tongue-in-cheek platform / puzzle game starring an egg-shaped character with big hands.. I probably put way too much time into this but I’m very happy with how it turned out.  Being a DOS game, it became difficult to run properly (as PCs and Windows moved on)  – fortunately, fellow coder and fan of eggy retro games, Peter Gordon has rewritten the whole thing in C and ported it to Windows,  Mac OSX, Amiga OS4 and even the Nintendo Wii. Have at it!


    1995 – Aquanaut (Amiga)

    This was based on the C64 game called ‘Shark’ I converted from the Spectrum. I originally intended for it to be a commercial (budget) game but for various reasons it got shelved for a while. I finally finished it in 1995 and it was released as shareware through F1 Licenceware.There’s still a few control and gameplay niggles but all in all, its not bad.

    Gameplay is pretty straightforward: Find your way out of the maze-like levels shooting the aliens along the way and facing off against a boss at the end. There’s mission-ettes to complete – info is given at the start of each level – and sometimes certain weapons are required for certain situations (function keys F1-F4 toggle those).

    You can run the game under emulation on the PC using WinUAE or use an .adf to floppy program and run on a real Amiga (1 Meg RAM required).