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  • SPI Large EEPROM Programmer

    I needed a util to program the 25x series of serial 3.3 volt SPI EEPROMs and because the usual suspects (ic-prog etc) didn’t seem to support them, I ended up writing my own. If its of any use to anyone else, feel free to use it.. It can be reconfigured to use whichever parallel port / pins / polarity is required by your PC to SPI interface  – I’ve included a schematic / PCB mask for the interface I’ve been using in the archive.

    The util supports the following ICs: 25×10 (128KB), 25×20 (256KB), 25×40 (512KB), 25×80 (1MB), 25×16 (2MB), 25×32 (4MB) and 25×64 (8MB)

    Download: SPILEP25.RAR – Further details included in the readme.txt file.

    [Last Updated: 26-07-2011 – Windows XP/2000/NT version by Ivan Z added to the archive. The Windows version also includes some optional modifications for configuring an FPGA]