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  • The V5Z80P

    v5z80pThe V5Z80P is a Z80 CPU based computer board I designed as a hobby project around 2008. It’s the first time I had a PCB professionally manufactured – all previous boards being home-etched.  The hardware is now pretty much contained in a single FPGA and so can be easily reconfigured.  The default architectural design I made is called OSCA (for Old School Computer Architecture) and offers 8-bit power somewhere around the PC Engine mark, see specs below.  You can download the entire project with sources, PCB layout, parts list, hardware manual, videos, everything I have on it in fact.. here.

    V5Z80P Hardware:

    Z80 CPU @ 16MHz
    Xilinx Spartan II XC2S150 FPGA
    256KB System / Audio RAM
    128KB Video RAM
    128KB Sprite RAM
    JTAG / onboard EEPROM config

    Features of the default FPGA architecture (OSCA):

    256 colours from 4096 colour palette
    Video output: PAL (~256 non-interlaced lines) at 50Hz, NTSC @ 60Hz
    VGA (240 lines) @ 60Hz
    Horizontal resolution: 368 pixels full screen PAL (similar to C64/Amiga lo-res)
    Bitmap mode: 1-8 bitplanes or “chunky” mode (linear 1 byte = 1 pixel)
    Tilemap mode: 256 16×16 tiles (x 2, dual playfield)
    127 sprite registers (256 colours, 55 sprites on any one line, width 16 pixels / height upto 256 pixels)
    Amiga-like 4 Channel 8-bit digital sound system (can play Protracker modules easily).

    Default OS Features (FLOS)

    Command Line (freezer cartridge style) environment.
    Launch programs by filename, autoexec, batch files, alternate keymaps, fonts, colour scheme etc.
    Internal Z80 disassembler, memory monitor etc
    Up/Download data via serial port.
    Load / save files to FAT16 IDE drive (Compact Flash cards supported)


    1 x 40 Pin IDE port: HDD and Compact Flash card (via standard PC adapter) compatible.
    2 x Joystick ports (Atari-standard)
    1 x PS/2 Keyboard Port (PC standard)
    1 x PS/2 Mouse Port (PC standard)
    1 x RS232 Com Port (4 pin mini-DIN)
    1 x RGB video out port (8 pin mini-DIN)
    1 x 3.5″ Stereo out socket

    The V5Z80P was superceded by the V6Z80P