Eight bits should be enough for anyone..
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  • Spectrum RAM replacement boards

    Posted on October 14th, 2015 Phil

    I’m certainly not the first person to make these but I’ve designed a couple of low power SRAM modules for the Spectrum to replace the DRAM chips originally used. They can be pressed into DIL sockets or soldered direct to the Spectrum PCB.  Available at the store should you need such a thing :)

  • SMART Card make-over

    Posted on July 2nd, 2015 Phil

    SMARTerOK nothing too dramatic but I’ve had the latest batch done with a blue solder mask, which I think looks quite (crank crank, pun coming..) SMART. Alas, due to unexpected customs shenanigans and component price increases I’ve had to increase the price by a couple of pounds – hopefully it’s still good value for money though (there is a lot of work involved manually putting them together by hand – gibber).

    Other SMART Card bits: Brendan Alford has modified his ZX-Diagnostics Spectrum Test ROM to work with the SMART Card. This is now included in the project archive . Also newly added to the “3rd Party ROMs” folder is Geoff Wearmouth’s Gosh Wonderful ROM. Many thanks Geoff to Brendan!

    Finally,  the SMART Card is featured on the latest instalment of The Spectrum Show – and I’m happy to report they like it :)


  • SMART Card software updates

    Posted on April 20th, 2015 Phil

    I’ve updated the SMART Card software archive again. Most notably, I’ve added an alternate version of the patched Sinclair ROM by Aitor Pelaez which has an NMI handler allowing pokes to be entered. The diagROM has also been updated to better detect 16K machines and also now allows the main menu items to be selected with a joystick for when the keyboard has failed or is not connected.

  • DiagROM Improvements

    Posted on December 4th, 2014 Phil

    Some particularly vexing Spectrum hardware faults lately have led to improvements to my DiagROM program. It now attempts to detect faults with the 74LS157 multiplexors which can falsely suggest RAM is faulty. There is a also an upper RAM scanner that shows the RAM as a bitmap window, allowing visual inspection of its content – a picture is worth a 1000 words after all! The latest version is in my SMART Card software archive.

  • .Tap support added to SMART Card

    Posted on November 16th, 2014 Phil

    I’ve added .tap file loading to my Spectrum SD Card Interface. This required a patched ROM to intercept the usual Sinclair loading routines and fetch the bytes from files on SD Card instead.   Amstrad appear to have a legal caveat that prevents the Sinclair ROM being distributed with new hardware, but it wasn’t a big deal to add an option to read in the user’s own onboard ROM, patch it and write to the SMART Card‘s EEPROM as required. The .tap loader is still in beta at present, I know of some files that don’t work, but this is largely par for the course with the .tap format: Although most have been modified to use the standard Sinclair loading routines in place of their native custom loaders etc, there’s still a lot of weird variations out there.