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  • SMART Card make-over

    Posted on July 2nd, 2015 Phil

    SMARTerOK nothing too dramatic but I’ve had the latest batch done with a blue solder mask, which I think looks quite (crank crank, pun coming..) SMART. Alas, due to unexpected customs shenanigans and component price increases I’ve had to increase the price by a couple of pounds – hopefully it’s still good value for money though (there is a lot of work involved manually putting them together by hand – gibber).

    Other SMART Card bits: Brendan Alford has modified his ZX-Diagnostics Spectrum Test ROM to work with the SMART Card. This is now included in the project archive . Also newly added to the “3rd Party ROMs” folder is Geoff Wearmouth’s Gosh Wonderful ROM. Many thanks Geoff to Brendan!

    Finally,  the SMART Card is featured on the latest instalment of The Spectrum Show – and I’m happy to report they like it :)


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