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  • I’ve made a ZX Spectrum Interface Card.. As you do.

    Posted on October 18th, 2014 Phil


    A while ago I made a home-brew diagnostic ROM cartridge to help me test faulty Spectrums – it was a very simple circuit based on a FlashROM and a discrete logic chip. Of course, the project slowly morphed into something bigger and I ended up creating my own multi-function Spectrum interface card!

    The SMART Card as it’s called (decode the acronym any way you want:) is now based on a CPLD and has 256KB of flash memory, 128KB of RAM, an SD card connector, ┬áKempston joystick interface, reset and NMI buttons. It’s really aimed at retro gamers who just want a simple, low cost way to load and play snapshot game files from a menu, right from power on (but it has some more advanced features too).

    I’m currently just gauging interest really but have the parts to build a few of these boards for sale. ┬áThere’s more info on the SMART Card here.


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