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  • Tilemedo – A Tile Map Editor for Windows aimed at C64 development

    Posted on January 26th, 2014 Phil

    tile_editor_smallI got a bit carried away with my recent Commodore 64 oriented utility tinkerings and have ended up making an entire tile map editor! (In the absence of a better name, I called it Tilemedo – cus, well it’s a tile-me-do:)

    At this point some people may be shouting “Charpad” – which is indeed a nice program, however I wanted something that worked from the character set upwards which used a “per character” colour system.

    Tilemedo also allows an image drawn on any PC paint program to be loaded and converted to a map, with optimized character and tile sets.. So if you have need of such a program, you can read more about it and grab it here.

    PS: Purebasic FTW!


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