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  • .Tap support added to SMART Card

    Posted on November 16th, 2014 Phil

    I’ve added .tap file loading to my Spectrum SD Card Interface. This required a patched ROM to intercept the usual Sinclair loading routines and fetch the bytes from files on SD Card instead.   Amstrad appear to have a legal caveat that prevents the Sinclair ROM being distributed with new hardware, but it wasn’t a big deal to add an option to read in the user’s own onboard ROM, patch it and write to the SMART Card‘s EEPROM as required. The .tap loader is still in beta at present, I know of some files that don’t work, but this is largely par for the course with the .tap format: Although most have been modified to use the standard Sinclair loading routines in place of their native custom loaders etc, there’s still a lot of weird variations out there.