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  • Shameless Amazon Affiliate Plug: I bought a 120GB SSD

    Posted on December 27th, 2013 Phil

    As Microsoft are about to cease releasing further security patches for Windows XP (April 2014) I though it was about time I installed a more modern OS – I wasnt keen on Windows 8 so went for Windows 7 64bit. With my existing PC set-up I found it needed a fair bit of optimizing to make it as responsive as XP, but it still was quite slow booting and starting apps. Therefore this seemed like the perfect time to look into getting a Solid State Drive, and as luck would have it the Kingston V300 120GB SSD has just been reduced to £55 on Amazon.. Bought! Installed! And now Win7 loads in about 15 seconds and apps start almost immediately. A lot of modern tech seems like incremental advances but these things are pretty revolutionary – heartily recommended :)