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  • Random software shout outs

    Posted on October 19th, 2012 Phil

    I’ve only recently become aware of Programmer’s Notepad. I have to say it is excellent – so much so it’s persuaded me to finally stop using an ancient version of UltraEdit for coding.  Best bits:  Fast, clean, can highlight keywords in source and has the ability to send files to multiple external programs at a click / keypress. I’ve got it configured to assemble Z80 with one click and send the binary to my V6Z80P with another. $DONATED!$

    Another app recently brought to my attention is ASEPRITE – this is proper retro-style sprite editor with an Amiga Dpaint-like look and feel, something I’ve been after for ages. Really like the zoomed-editing and uncluttered design. $DONATED!$


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