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  • V6Z80P V1.1 etc

    Posted on January 15th, 2011 Phil

    After a marathon soldering session I’ve just completed the first batch of 10 V6Z8oP v1.1 boards.. The latest revision of the PCB allows alternative oscillators to drive the CPU – this opens up more emulation possibilities. One popular request is for accurate ZX Spectrum Emulation,  and this can now be achieved with the addition of a 14MHz crystal (divided down by the FPGA to 3.5MHz as per the original model Spectrum).  I’ve adapted my own Spectrum Emulator config to suit and despite the fact it’s nowhere near a cycle-perfect emulator,  it works quite well – there’s no longer any need for the manual speed tuning keys anyway :)

    I’ve also been tinkering about with a new project.  Zilog kindly sent me some free samples of their 50MHz EZ80L92  and I’ve started a project based around one of those (and a Spartan3 FPGA etc).  It’s still at an early stage at present, so I’ll post more details when it’s more complete..

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