Eight bits should be enough for anyone..
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  • Construction time again..

    Posted on August 31st, 2009 Phil

    More improvements and utilities have been created for the V6Z80P..

    • The OS now loads from a normal file on the root directory of the SD card, previously it required a special installer to place it on reserved sectors.
    • New apps:  Playwav.exe – to play wav files and Showbmp.exe to (guess what!) display .bmp pictures.
    • New command km.exe – to change keymaps.
    • Following a suggestion from Branislav, Daniel has made Chfnt.exe – an app which changes the OS font. The front end can now resemble that of your favourite 8 bit micro :)
    • The slideshow program has been improved to load native .bmp pics of various size, it also slides each picture over the previous one using the LineCop to split the screen and swap palettes.
    • I’ve improved the filesystem code – previously it would perform a full seek from the start of a file each time a smaller section of  a file was loaded, but now that only happens in the filepointer is changed. Loading sequential segments of files is now a lot faster. (This was necessary for the playwav program as it loads/buffers whilst playing.)
  • V6Z80P Wiki

    Posted on August 13th, 2009 Phil

    With the assistance of Martin and Valen, an online wiki version of the V6Z8oP documentation has been set up. How thoroughly modern!